• Quick-Neuron™ Motor- SeV Kit

Quick-Neuron™ Motor- SeV Kitは、独自の転写因子を用いた幹細胞分化法により、遺伝的な足跡を残すことなくニューロンを作製します。

Quick-Neuron™ Motor - ヒトiPSC由来ニューロンは、典型的な神経突起の伸長を示し、TUBB3(汎神経系)やHB9(モーター)など、さまざまな神経細胞マーカーを発現しています。



Product Components Cryopreserved cells, Component N1, Component P, Component A, and Component K Starting Material iPSCs derived from peripheral blood mononuclear cells (CIRM line CW10130) Product Use This product is for research use only.

It is not approved for use in humans or for therapeutic or diagnostic use. Storage Conditions Frozen cells should be stored in liquid (vapor phase).

The rest of the components should be stored at -20°C.

Cell Type Motor Neurons Culture Type Feeder Cell-Free Disease Fatty Liver Disease Donor Sex Male Donor Race Ethnicity Asian Patient History See Resources section for more information.

Reprogramming Method Episomal vector Induction Method Transcription factors delivered by Sendai virus Growth Properties Adherent Shipping Conditions Dry ice (domestic) or liquid nitrogen (international) Shelf Life 1 year Donor Age At Sampling 36